Thursday, September 8, 2011

Watch Out Below!!!

Here's a scenario for you: You have a magic festival coming up soon and you are looking to promote it in a way that no one has ever done before. So what do you do? If you ask Lg2, an ad agency in Quebec City, they will tell you that there is no better way than to play a trick on the audience. That is exactly what they did for the Quebec City Magic Festival.

In an effort to help promote the Quebec City Magic Festival, Lg2 utilized a billboard in downtown Quebec City. Unlike your traditional billboard, this billboard had a little surprise that came along with it. So what is the surprise, you ask? Lg2 installed a giant magician hat on top of the billboard, that had live pigeons flying out of it. Just like a real magic trick! Unfortunately, just like any other magic trick, the secret behind this trick will never be revealed, or at least from the client. The client made it a point to include the following message in their promotional video below, "Like any good magic festival, we never reveal our secrets."      

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